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The Roadmap to Success

Infographic depicting Minnesota's hearing screening numbers for 2013

Additional Data Coming Soon! MDH Hearing Screening and Follow-Up Data    

EHDI Annual Report 2014

Check out the NEW Minnesota EHDI 2014 Annual Report!

Highlight's from this year's annual report include quality improvement
initiatives such as:

  • The implementation of MNScreen for electronic reporting of results
    (page 5)
  • Quality assurance reports and open discussions with audiologists
    (page 9)
  • Collaboration with local public health nurses to reduce loss to
    follow-up (page 11)
  • Participation in a national survey to assess Minnesota physicians' current knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding hearing
    screening, diagnosis, and intervention (pages 6, 9, 15)

Improving communication among Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) providers and between providers and families can eliminate loss to follow-up and assure a sound beginning for Minnesota infants.

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