Early Hearing Detection and Intervention A roadmap to success

Early Intervention: before 6 months

Tools for Improvement

Build family to family relationships

Standardize referral mechanisms

Include communication outcomes in every IFSP

Confirm the hearing status of every child with a related condition

Identify every failed appointment as an opportunity to act and learn

Resources: Tools For Improvement

Training Opportunities

FIRST YEARS...bringing the classroom to you  - any place, any time.

Nationally-recognized distance education program, designed for practicing speech-language pathologists, teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, audiologists, and early interventionists.

  • Five graduate-level courses developed and taught by internationally-known experts

  • Mentorship experience

  • Cutting-edge academic training -- from counseling to speech acoustics, audiology to sensory technology, speech-language development and intervention to emergent literacy

Not currently accepting applications

For questions about FIRST YEARS, contact:

Kathryn Wilson, Program Director


"Parents, caregivers, professionals, and members of the Deaf community recognize the need for a greater number of qualified professionals and improved service provision."