Early Hearing Detection and Intervention A roadmap to success

Inpatient screening: at birth

Best Practice Guidelines

Standardize the process for documenting all newborn screening results in the hospital records

Record and report the results accurately to the state EHDI program via the blood specimen card

Standardize communications (written and verbal) with parents about newborn screening results

Verify the PCP/Medical Home before discharge (vital to ensure accurate follow-up)

Communicate did not pass results to the PCP/Medical Home as a modified critical value requiring confirmation

Identify two points of contact for families of infants who did not pass (i.e. a relative or friend)

Provide clear communication about next steps

Schedule the follow-up appointment prior to discharge, stressing importance with families

Offer a referral to local public health for infants who did not pass

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"I was really upset when my daughter did not pass her hearing screening. The nurse said it was probably just fluid in the baby's ears.  This was comforting but could have been detrimental as I almost blew off the follow-up appointment. Luckily I went to the appointment and was shocked by the news that my daughter had hearing loss in both ears."