Early Hearing Detection and Intervention A roadmap to success

Pediatric Audiology: before 3 months

Tools for Improvement

Evaluate both ears

Complete definitive diagnosis BEFORE 3 MONTHS of age

Complete Parent Roadmap for families with a child identified with hearing loss

Complete the Patient Checklist for Primary Care Providers with families who need further screening for hearing loss

Streamline authorizations to eliminate delay to specialty providers such as Ophthalmology, ENT, and genetics 

Offer and provide referral to Minnesota Hands & Voices

Refer to Early Intervention through Help Me Grow

Obtain a consent for release of information at first contact

Report data to the Minnesota Department of Health via report forms: 1) Outpatient Screening Results, 2) Diagnostic Audiology Results, 3) Amplification Report

Report, Refer, Connect Poster for Audiologists (print and post on your wall for easy reference)

Resources: Tools for Improvement

Strengthen Care Coordination

MN EHDI Patient Checklist for Primary Care Providers

Initial Identification of Hearing Loss Checklist

Enhancing Collaboration Between Primary and Subspecialty Care Providers for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Report data to the Minnesota Department of Health:

Newborn Hearing Screening Outpatient Follow-up Report Form

Newborn Hearing Screening Audiology Follow-up Report Form

Audiology Amplification Report Form

Partnering with your Doctor The Medical Home Approach: A guide for families of children with special health care needs - Region 4 Midwest Genetics Network (English) (Spanish) (Arabic)

Newborn Hearing Screening Technologies Medical Fact Sheet

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Degree of Hearing Loss

Engage Families as Partners

EHDI Parent Resource Binder features the Parent Roadmap and offers more in depth information about hearing loss.  Any child living in Minnesota that is newly identified with a hearing loss will receive a printed copy of this resource binder.

Questions to ask your Audiologist

Decision Guide to Communication Choices

Submit an order form for the following materials:

Beginnings Book - available in English and Spanish

Parent Roadmap (English, Hmong, Somali, Spanish)

Transient Follow-up Postcard

Questions families often ask

Exploring Communication Opportunities for Children with Hearing Differences: An Overview (MN Low Incidence Projects)


Simulated listening with hearing loss and devices (Boys Town National Research Hospital)

Hearing aids and FM system simulation in classroom (Vermont Center for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing, Inc.)

Hearing Loss Simulator with Music (Ear Science Institute Australia)

Connect to Community Resources

Minnesota Department of Human Services: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Minnesota Hands & Voices

Minnesota Hands & Voices: Resource Directory

Help Me Grow / Early Intervention

UMN Lions Infant Hearing Device Loaner Program

Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Hearing Aids - Minnesota Statute 62Q.675

Hearing Aid Law - 18 Years or Younger 

Information about purchasing hearing aids for children (MNCDHH)

Hearing Aid Financial Resources (DHS)

Hearing Aid Appeals: Information For Parents (if denied insurance coverage) - or Contact MN DHS at 800-657-3663